Hi! I'm Lancer...

A Seattle, Washington transplant since 1999, I grew up in a suburb of Akron, Ohio with a population of less than 16,000.


Looking for a safe space to live and work, I found community and home in Seattle. Now it is time for me to take my leave. I am moving to Ireland with my spouse and will be doing something new. 

When I am not behind the chair, I work remotely as Fracti0nal CFO for a startup infosec company. When I am not working, I am with my husband and our cat, or hanging out with a friend or three.


I am transgendered, and many of my hair clients are transgendered, nonbinary, and/or LGBQ. 

Thank you for your interest, and I hope you find the stylist of your dreams in Seattle! 

Lancer, He/They