Welcome to my Quiet Chair!

I’m Lancer, a Capitol Hill Hairstylist. I am not pushy or intimidating, and I provide a Quiet Chair option where you can relax in peace and do whatever you need to do...catching up on emails, reading, or just zone out. I have an amiable attitude for my clients, even on crummy, stressful days.

​I have been a stylist for 30+ years and I love helping people love their hair again. I have a natural aptitude for hair coloring and I enjoy customizing coloring for my clients, and I enjoy the connections I have with my regular clients and seeing them happy. My approach stands apart from the usual 1-3 questions and dive in method, and my clients feel valued and respected because I listen and devise a plan which I revisit and revise as their goals change.

My sense of color and application, along with my commitment to learning and providing the best possible services, allows me to make my clients’ hair look good, no matter the length, the style, or added color.

After spending my formative years in a suburb of Akron Ohio with a population of less than 16,000, I knew I wanted a different life. Feeling out of place and held back my gender dysphoria, I left Ohio in 1995. I landed in Seattle in 1999 and I started my physical transition in 2006. 

Looking for a safe space to live and work on my clients, I found community and home in Seattle. I love to cook meals at home for my spouse and myself, and I love cats!


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