He was able to mix the colors 

"I have been going to Lancer for several years and what I think makes him a stand out stylist is his how he listens to what you want and comes up with a plan to make it happen. He was able to mix the colors to hit exactly the shade of auburn I've been looking for since the pesky gray hairs showed up years ago. And he's a master of the short hair cut." 


-Mira Posner, Loyal Client since April, 2013


He really knows his stuff!

"Lancer colored and styled my hair over a month ago, and I still smile when I see it in the mirror. He really knows his stuff. This was the first time I’ve done highlights, and I was nervous going in since my hair is so dark, but the results were fantastic! I’ve found my hair guy and I love him." 😊


-Yuna Wang, Loyal Client since February. 2022

Lancer has done extensive research...

"Lancer has consistently done a wonderful job on my hair. I dye my hair with henna - which is an all-natural dye that is not widely used/understood by most hair dressers. Lancer has done extensive research to ensure that he uses the top quality products that are safe for my hair and come out looking beautiful. He is professional, meticulous, and is up to the challenge of making sure his clients leave the salon loving their hair!" 


-Kristen Hyman, Loyal Client since February, 2018


I decided to grow my hair out from a fade to a medium length cut.

"I started going to Lancer after I decided to grow my hair out from a fade to a medium length cut. I didn't have a particular vision in mind when starting out besides longer hair. Lancer helped me identify cuts that I liked then refined my hairstyle over several appointments.
His guidance throughout the process has been extremely helpful. He strikes a nice balance between professional opinion & customer preference." 


-Carter Socha, Loyal Client since September, 2021