"I first found you through yelp.... I had tried a few stylists after I moved to Seattle, and it was time to move on.  I really appreciated your approach. not only did it stand apart from the usual one-to-three-questions-and-dive-in practice I've too often experienced, you made me feel valued by listening and putting together a plan--which you continuously consult and revise as goals change.  You have been receptive both to styles I have suggested by sharing photos, and have researched and presented style options when i had only a general idea that i wanted to go in a new direction. Your dedication to me and my hair goals is what keeps me coming back."

-Jerry Gay, Loyal Client since January, 2013

"My close friend's husband recommended you to me. He had been going to you a while by the time I moved up to Seattle and he also noted you had similar hair to mine so it could be a natural fit. I have tried numerous stylists over the years but no one was particularly knowledgeable with curly hair, whereas you actually have curly hair and can relate oh so well. You are not pushy, you provide a nice chill environment. You are dedicated to your field, even to the point of activism, and you participate in continuous education and in enhancing your skills. You always have an amiable attitude for your clients/myself, even on the crummy stressful days you are never malicious. Being gay was not on my list of requirements in finding a stylist but I enjoy the opportunity to have common ground and seeing you & your hubs' relationship and community participation be an inspiration! You conscientiously select the hair products you endorse." 

-Marcus Whitener, Loyal Client since August, 2013

"I initially found you by searching on the internet for a professional hairdresser who provided henna and you were the only 'hit." You stand out among the rest by offering henna at all and by having expertise with it, by having a location that is reasonably convenient for me, by respecting a quiet chair if requested, by providing split end treatments, and lastly, perhaps most importantly not loping off inches of my long hair 'because it really needs it' but only cutting off what I ask." 
- R. G., Loyal Client since May, 2018

"I was tired of getting bad haircuts. I got the idea that there must be someone on Capitol Hill who would be able to give me a great haircut. At the time, my daughter was a student at Seattle U so I asked her if she knew of any salons around there. She mentioned Emerson Salon so I found your web site. I read the bios of the stylists and yours stood out. I can't remember exactly what it was, but I had the impression that you could be the right person...and I was right! I choose you because you have always, always given me haircuts that look and feel great!  Your commitment to learning more about hair and color seem unusual to me. You are committed to learning and providing the best possible services to your clients. Plus your ability to make my hair look good, no matter the length, the style, the added color...whatever. I also really like visiting Emerson Salon. You all are really nice people and I love the vibe!" 

- Bruce Hanson, Loyal Client since April 2014

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