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Mid/Long Haircut ~1-1.25 hours


For chin length and beyond style cuts (whether you have a short bob, long layers, or any length between.) 

*If your hair is long and you'd like to cut it short, please select this service as well, as these transformation cuts take longer than maintenance cuts do.

Short/Cropped Cut ~50 mins


This is a maintenance service for  hair that is shorter than mid-neck in length. 

*For regular returning clients only.

Base Color ~2 hours

One color applied to the regrowth area + ends refresh/glossing; includes blow dry.

*For grey coverage, a tonal shift, or going darker.

Highlights ~2.75 hours


Highlights and/or lowlights are placed throughout the whole head of hair.

Thick Hair ~15 mins addition


Extra Processing Time or Styling ~15 mins addition


Extra Application

+$25 per additional color/bleach bowl

Late Arrivals ~15 mins addition


Add-On Treatments ~15-30 min addition


*Repair, Hydrate, Add Shine, or Repair Split Ends

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